# Starter Kit

Original Josh package contains many pages and components, but all developers may not need them and removing un-wanted pages can be time-consuming. so we came up with starter kit (seeder kit) which contains

  • only admin panel (no frontend)
  • authentication & authorization features (i.e. users and groups section)
  • crud generator
  • empty dashboard

# Installation

Installation of the starter kit is the same as regular josh, so please refer to regular installation

# Adding pages from Josh

If you are trying to add a page which doesn't have any third-party plugins included (ex: general components) then you can just add that page.

if a page contains, third party plugins included

i.e. you see some code in header_styles or footer_scripts then you may need to add them.

for the sake of this doc, let's assume you want to add select2 plugin.

then you need to do the following steps ( for all plugins, it will be almost same)

# Install Plugin

first copy select2 and select2BootstrapTheme packages from josh package.json and paste into starter kit package.json

Run yarn install which will copy those packages into node_modules folder

Check if the packages are downloaded to node_modules directory

# copying assets to public path

In webpack.mix.js use mix.copy

  • First copy the vendor directory path in the paths object
var paths = {
    'select2': vendors + 'select2/dist/',
    'select2BootstrapTheme': vendors + 'select2-bootstrap-theme/dist/'
  • copy the plugins you needed to public directory.
mix.copy(paths.select2 + 'css/select2.min.css', destVendors + 'select2/css');


you can copy the path and the mix.copy from josh webpack.mix.js and paste into starter kit webpack.mix.js

we have added self-explanatory path variable name and for each plugin mix.copy added a comment which has the name of the plugin

Also, copy the necessary custom CSS files to resources/css directory and js files to resources/js/ maintaining path.

Then run npm run dev to copy the plugin files to the public directory.

Then you can use the corresponding page from full josh into starter kit

Last Updated: 2/13/2021, 3:18:10 PM