When you download Josh, you will see following structure

├── Documentation
├── Livicons
├── Material
│   ├── material 5.5
│   ├── material 5.8
├── Spark Skin
├── V1
│   ├── laravel-x.y.z.zip
│   ├── starter-x.y.z.zip
├── V2
│   ├── v2-x.y.z.zip

Note: x.y.z refers to Josh version number and sometimes you may see only x.y

Now let's what each folder represents.

# Documentation

It contains a link to live documentation website

# Livicons

Original Josh comes with livicons so we include this folder which contains its documentation, examples etc.

# Material

We used to provide a material flavor of original josh (v1) which we stopped for a long time and i don't recommend using it.

# Spark Skin

We also used to provide spark (opens new window) skin with josh color scheme, which is also not updated recently so if you are still using old version of spark, you can use it.

If enough people wants spark skin for latest version, we can push an update.

When you purchase Josh, most probably you are looking for these folders mainly than above folders!

# V1

This is the Origin josh which contains two files [laravel-x.y.z.zip](http://laravel-x.y.z.zip) and starter-x.y.z.zip

laravel-x.y.z.zip (opens new window) : This contains full Josh v1 which you see in demo.

starter-x.y.z.zip (opens new window) : This contains a skeleton (or see or starter) version of josh which contains necessary files you need to start a project without bloat and if you need to add any files from main zip, you can add them.

# V2

This is the v2 flavor of josh which you see in demo and if you want to start project using v2 then you need to copy contents of this zip to your development folder!

Last Updated: 2/13/2021, 3:18:10 PM