# GUI Builder

Josh comes with GUI based CRUD builder, using which you can generate new CRUD files with just some clicks.

# folder Permissions

Give write permissions to models, controllers, views, routes and migrations

chmod 775 resources/views/admin

chmod 775 app/Models

chmod 775 app/Http/Controllers

chmod 775 app/Http/Requests

chmod 775 database/migrations

chmod 775 app/Repositories

chmod 666 routes/web_builder.php

chmod 666 resources/views/admin/layouts/menu.blade.php

Note: If you get any permission issues change permissions chmod 775 to chmod 777

# How to video

# Copying files to frontend / users section

Incase you want to have generated files to frontend section aswell, then please look at below video which explains how to copy files from admin section to frontend.

Last Updated: 2/13/2021, 3:18:10 PM