# Existing Project


WIP will update shortly with all the info

We try to keep default laravel installation files as much as possible but unfortunately we must modify some files, we will list those here.

# deleted files

  • we remove existing migration files because we use sentinel instead of default auth system
  • we remove resources/views/welcome.blade.php as we don't need it.

# modified files

File path Reason
routes/web.php to show our routes
.env.example to add other required variables
app\Providers\AppServiceProvider.php description (opens new window)

# composer packages

We have added many composer packages,

If your project already has some extra packages then please copy our packages manually.

If your project doesn't have any packages then you copy our composer.json and composer.lock files and then run composer install

Last Updated: 2/13/2021, 3:18:10 PM